Friday, August 13, 2010

daddy's little girl

my daddy had a birthday on july 21.... he turned 54. see, i can tell you that because he still looks like he's in his 40s. both my parents do for that matter... which i think is why people still don't think i'm over the age of 23 or 24. we just look young, which is fantastic for getting older... so i'm told. :) of course, i did have a student tell me today that i had a white hair... but that's another story! :)

anyways, this is my daddy. he and i have always had a special bond. i was his "boy." haha, meaning i was the one who was interested in sports, and i was the one who was interested in continuing the family boat legacy. i am sure that he was a little disappointed that i didn't share his passion for music like the other girls, i know i have done many things in my life to make him proud of me as well.
i mean, don't get me wrong... i love music, and i will always regret my decision to quit piano lessons, but i am grateful for my life... it was great. i was quite the little pistol though, and when my dad told me to go "assume the position" (the spanking position) i knew he meant business. we had a great time when i was a kid... playing catch, playing horsey, putting on concerts and shows, and we had the same favorite cat, muffin... what a great cat.
as i grew up i became much more mature and quit being so much of a pistol.... HAHA, yeah right! i probably got worse, but there my dad was through it all. the one thing that i can actually bring myself to say now that i'm older, is that my dad was ALWAYS right! i would always ask for advice, and he would give it freely, and then i would usually disregard it. most of my "lessons" (translate hard times) in my life have come because i didn't listen to my wise daddy. i know i will probably tell that to my kids, but they won't believe me... just like i didn't believe my parents... but it's true! :)
my dad is my hero. he has been there for me through thick and thin... always supported me no matter the decision i made. he tries to be a big, tough man but he is the biggest teddy bear around. he loves his girls (mom included) and i know he will be the best granddad around to my sweet baby. she will adore him just like i adore him and my granddad. i can't wait :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

daddy dearest...

so my daddy had a birthday and i haven't had a chance to do a b-day blog for him yet... but it's coming soon! i needed to get through my last week home, my anniversary, getting back to az, and get settled in... so it's coming to a blog near you soon... :)