Thursday, September 29, 2011

loooooooooooong stretch

so for teachers, the stretch between labor day and fall break is the longest and most torturous. it just drags and drags and drags. once you get over that hump, then it's smooth sailing. only a month til thanksgiving, three weeks after that is christmas, followed by MLK day, presidents' day, spring break, then the push til the end of the year. i am SO ready for fall break. i am exhausted, over the 500 excuses i hear every day about why homework isn't done, and if i never hear "i don't get it" one more time, i might be the happiest teacher ever. ugh, even i don't want to be around my bad attitude. :)

on a happier note, Laela has mastered standing for however long she wants. she is now working on trying to dance while standing, and taking more than two steps without face planting into a piece of furniture, door frame, wall, or floor. she started clapping yesterday, signs "milk, more, help, up, hi/bye," and is working on "kitty and love." Lae is actually starting to show interest in more than boobie, and gobbles up anything i give her (except baby food). her favorites are grated pears, graham crackers, and string cheese. she also loves sweet potato fries. she is starting to get trim and fit since she runs around so much, and her weight gain has slowed. she was weighed and measured today and is a whopping 22.5 lbs, and just over 28 inches long. poor baby is also working on 4 teeth... count them... FOUR teeth right now. makes for some interesting nights.

funny story for you. tonight she blew out her diaper right before her bath, so i cleaned her all up and plopped her on the floor to go draw said bath. silly mommy for thinking that since she had JUST taken a diaper off her baby that she was safe with a naked kid running around for a few minutes.... NOT SAFE! she was cruising along her crib when she stops, looks at me, and starts PEEING! she is totally intrigued by it and watches. then she looks up at me and starts laughing! i know i shouldn't have, but i burst out laughing and cleaned it up as quick as i could. at least i know she didn't pee in the bathtub. :) gosh i love that girl...

now she's sleeping like the sweet angel that she is... for now... :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

this day needed to be over as soon as it started...

seriously, one of the WORST days ever. i started it by waking up late. I was frantically trying to get ready when the baby decided to wake up early. she and i stumbled through our morning together and ran out of the house about 15 minutes late. i noticed that my battery was a little weak this morning when i started the car, but didn't think much about it. we have known it needed to be replaced for a few days, but thought we had another few days to get it done. i get to the babysitter's house and take Laela in, give her a quick kiss and run out the door because i'm already about ten minutes late for work. i turn the key and hear a "groan... click click click..." yep, dead. at this point i'm thinking it might be time for me to throw in the towel and take a personal day. however, my kids are already a couple days behind and i don't want to get even further behind because i decided to curl up in bed with my baby all day.

so i go get jenny and tell her my battery is dead. to make things worse i had pulled up in the driveway behind where her car is parked in their garage. we somehow finagle the van out of the garage and go to work putting the jumper cables on. hers aren't marked with black or red and we can't find the positive and negative signs, so we guess and hope.... yep we got it wrong, so as we are trying to put the cables on my battery, sparks start flying! we put it on the right way, get me started, and i get to school about two minutes before the bell rings. i teach all my classes before i realize that my lady time decided to pay a visit and i was not prepared. oh, and i forgot my lunch. it was just a bad day all around.

God bless my sweet husband though. i called him and told him what was going on, and he dropped everything to come help me. he came and got my battery out of my car, took it to the dealership to buy a new one. he brought it back (along with my lady supplies and lunch), installed it, and even moved it into a nice shady spot right by the door. in fact, i was right next to the car on my way home when i realized i had locked my keys in my office.... yep. then i got in my car and realized i was on empty. again... bad day any way you look at it.

here's to hoping tomorrow treats me a little better!

Monday, September 19, 2011

funny sundays and rough mondays

it is a rare evening that i don't have a stack of 200 papers to grade and no planning to do for the next day, so i decided to celebrate the occasion with a blog. :)

this weekend my bestie was in town, and we had a blast. that blast however, included not much in the sleep department. friday night i was up til 2 and then up at 6 when Lae woke up, saturday i was up til midnight then up at 6 with Lae, then sunday i was up until midnight planning for the week and again up at 6 for work. this afternoon it really hit me hard, so we had a rough mommy day. i am a little ashamed to say it, but i laid on the couch with my eyes closed all afternoon while Lae played with her toys. i barely talked to her, barely played with her, and i even brought her to bed with me and nursed her to sleep so i could get a 20 minute cat nap to help ME make it to bedtime. i decided that i would make it up to her tomorrow with a trip to the park or the pool. it's good that kids are so forgiving.

Lae is quite the hit at church. she is very social (just don't try to take her from me), and loves to make eyes at people. she loves watching kids and if she doesn't have her paci in her mouth she will have full on babble conversations with the people in the row behind us. she's also stinkin cute so everyone just loves making her smile and laugh. this week in relief society was HILARIOUS! she woke up from a nice nap with about 40 minutes left in the meeting, and she decided that she would like to be down on the floor. i put her down and grabbed a handful of puffs and her sippy to keep her occupied. she was sitting in the middle of the floor in the back, but there were about ten or so ladies that were more interested in her than the lesson. she was putting on a show too! she was doing her little head shake, waving at everyone, and showing off how she could feed herself puffs. at one point in the lesson, the teacher was having quite the moment. she was telling a very personal story, it was very quiet in the room, she was very emotional and even crying. Lae decides that this is the perfect moment to let out a belly laugh. Of course we all start laughing (as silently as possible), with one lady even turning red in the face. :) Oh how i love my little peanut and her funny little personality!