Monday, July 11, 2011

one half of one year = Laela!

what was once this...

... has become this...

... and i can't stand it!!!

little miss laela carolina is 6 months old today. i don't know when it happened, or where the time went... but it happened, and it went! this precious little girl has captured my heart in a way that i never knew was possible. it's been hard, but i've honestly enjoyed every minute. i've loved learning how to put myself last... after my daughter, after my husband. i've loved watching her personality take shape. i've loved watching her discover her hands, her feet, her voice, her surroundings. i now know what the word *joy* actually means.

i can't wait for more... love you lae :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the best feeling in the world

there is nothing in the world that feels as good as this :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

obsessions with abbreviations...

so today i was on BBC on the BF board and they were talking about MOTN wakings, BFing, and LCs. then i went to the working moms board and they were talking about how they love being WOHMs, though there are a few of us that would rather be SAHMs. i went over to my birth board and they were talking about how big or small their LOs are... some have DDs and some have DSs. the ladies were also talking about their DHs, SILs and their MILs... some had not so nice things to say. there was one thread that started the drama llama and we all popped some popcorn and got some sodas to watch it unfold. i then stopped by the sleep board where we talked about NWs, NEs, EBTs and how our LOs get so OT sometimes! :)

if you have any idea what i'm talking about then you also frequent the forum at, though many of you may not. it has been quite the obsession since Lae was born. i credit the breast feeding board for getting me through the first 11 weeks of breast feeding Laela. there we talk about MOTN (middle of the night) feedings, BFing (breastfeeding), and LCs (lactation consultants). i credit the working moms board for getting me through the first couple weeks back at work. there are some ladies there that love being WOHMs (work out of the home moms) and others that really wish they could be SAHMs (stay at home moms). i love my birth board (those of us that had babies in January 2011) for the drama and silly things we talk about. it's also really fun to talk about what our little ones (LOs - DD = daughter, DS = son) are doing. we chat about our DHs, SILs and MILs (husbands, sisters in law, mothers in law). there is a lot of drama though and it's kinda funny. i also LOVE the sleep board. we talk about night wakings (NW), nap extensions (NE), early bed times (EBT), and how to tell if our babies are overtired (OT). there is an extensive list of acronyms in the help section. my first few days were interesting to say the least as i navigated my way through the interesting language that we use as we correspond. it seems silly i know, but it's amazing to talk to and get advice from women that know exactly what you are going through. if you are TTC (trying to conceive), PG (pregnant), or PP (post partum) then is the place for you! happy posting! :)