Saturday, August 20, 2011


so i've decided i REALLY need to start blogging more. Lae is almost EIGHT... count them... EIGHT months old, and i have hardly captured her first year of life so far. it's really hard being a working mom, especially now that she notices that i'm gone. when i'm home she refuses to nap and wants to be with me ALL the time, so i basically can't get anything done from when i get home until when she goes to bed. then, when she goes to bed i usually have to get some work done before i go to bed... plus she is usually up a couple hours after i put her down anyways.

long story short... mama is exhausted.

anyways, all that being said, i wouldn't change it for the world. she is seriously the best thing that has every happened to me. she is teaching me a lot about myself, showing me my strengths and weaknesses, and opening my heart to loving in a way i never knew was possible.

this is a picture of Laela Carolina on her blessing day. My parents had flown in from South Carolina, my sisters and bro-in-law drove down from Utah, and JJ's best friend and wife had driven across the valley to share our special day with us. She was only a week and a half old, but we wanted to make sure that we were able to bless her with everyone in town.

i was kind of a mess still because i was only 12 days post partum, and it was a very emotional time. i don't remember anything about that day (except that JJ almost dropped her after her blessing!) so i am so glad my family was there, as krista had taken notes for me. She emailed them to me a short while ago, and this is what was said...

Blessing of Laela Carolina Barksdale
January 23, 2011
Given by her father Johnathan Barksdale Jr.
Priesthood surrounding her: Mark Maurer (Grandfather), Alex Foster (Uncle), Fetu Pauga, Daniel Cooper, Jerad Everton, Kason Ashe, and Lucius

We give this priesthood blessing to guide this bundle of joy.
Father please bless her to be a light of many and bless the hearts of many.
That she'll be guided by the Spirit in that and prayers.
That her family and friends will support her in all she does emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.
That she'll gain a testimony and express to others her love for Thee.
That her trials and tribulations will be learning experiences.
Please bless her with the ability to rely on Thee and be steadfast and hold fast to the iron rod as others in her life hold to the iron rod.
Bless her to marry a worthy priesthood holder and bless this world with children just as she is a blessing to our family.
Bless her with health and a sound mind.
And to know that all things are possible through Thee.

it has been an amazing 8 months so far, and i look forward to many, many more. Here's to getting caught up on the blog! :)