Sunday, May 23, 2010

picking bones...


i have a few bones to pick, but i don't want to bog you down with too many at once so we will do one at a time. here we go...

bone #1: health care

dear mr. president, at first i thought maybe... just maybe... this was a good idea. i have friends from canada that told me how affordable health care is up there. however, they then told me that the health care is second to that here in the united states, and that they come here to get most procedures done. then i started hearing how much money it was going to cost us (taxpayers) for you to have your sweet health care bill, and i got even more upset. please allow me to give you a simple lesson in economics...

raise taxes = more people lose jobs because business owners cannot afford to have many employees, demand goes down because people don't have any money to spend, and thus we fall even deeper into a depression than we already are. oh and you can thank your friends the clintons for the housing crisis... probably not such a good idea to meddle in our open and free market and tell bankers to lend to those with lower income and lower credit scores... because what happens when the economy goes sour and people get laid off? oh yeah... they walk away from their responsibilities

lower taxes = more money floating around in the market, more jobs because businesses can afford to hire people, and demand thus supply goes up... therefore pulling us out of the depression that we are in... it's not that hard to wrap your head around

now that your economics lesson is over, here is my advice... if you are going to insist upon killing us with more taxes than we already pay, why not pour the money into something worthwhile... like, say, education. that way we can teach the rising generation to get a good education in order to get a good job that can provide them with healthcare... or let's just do it your way, teaching everyone to walk around with their hands out waiting for someone else to do it for them. let's teach them the value of good, hard work to get ahead, instead of instilling even further the "entitlement" mindset that everyone has these days.

stay tuned for:
arizona drivers
glenn beck haters
the makers of 8: the mormon proposition
those in opposition to SB 1070

disclaimer: this is not in any way meant to offend anyone. we are all entitled to our opinions. if you disagree, i respect your constitutional right to do so, and i expect the same in return. that is the beauty of our constitution... if that even means anything anymore.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

baby fever!

so there are lots of babies coming into this world all around me... and it's driving me crazy!!! here are the most recents...

this is rowan. she is the precious of one of my dearest friends, maille. i haven't met her yet, but i am hoping this summer while i am on the island... hint hint :) if you had known maille and i back in our hey day, you never would have thought that maille would have popped out a kid before me. i was the one that was going to get married and have 6 kids before 30.... but maille and i both just hit 29, and she has one upped me :) i hope we have one soon so rowan and mine can be great friends like maille and i

meet owen... he is just a few days old, and this little squishy belongs to miles and kendra. he just came into the world this week and i can't wait to meet him! i hope before i go home for the summer, but if not definitely when i get back. miles and kendra are two of my very bestest friends that i met up at BYU. i will forever be grateful to josh for bringing me into that group of friends when i got home from my mission. they are so special to me.

other than that, my friend abby is about to pop, a friend at work is about to pop, desiree is working on fertility treatments right now to start her family with chuck, and there is just baby fever in the air. i thought it was a possibility last month, but alas the little stick said no. i'll keep you posted :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

double the birthdays = double the fun

so once again, i am late with this post because of my crazy busy life right now. i am super excited about this summer and then coming back out here next fall. next year is going to be awesome!

anyways, april 21 is a very special day.... it is the birthday of two of my most favoritest people in the whole world! my mom and my granddad.

(this is kaycie telling us what sound a cow makes)

i had one of the most amazing childhoods.
i got to know my grandparents.
i think i have said this before, but i know some people that only get to see their grandparents once every couple of years, but i got to see mine just about every day.
i got to have the most amazing meals every sunday evening, i got to learn how to make pies, and i got to watch my granddad turn into putty when his girls came around.

and this is what we have become

i have continued the legacy he started by becoming a third generation captain.

i only hope that my children have the privilege of knowing and loving this great man as well.


now, onto mom...

i'm not sure that i have the words that could fully convey what i feel for this great woman.

we have had a special connection from day one.

she knows when i am sick, she knows when i am hurting, she knows when i need her to come and save the day.

and she knows all of this without me saying a word.

mothers and daughters have a special bond.

through all the friction comes a bond that can't be broken no matter the time or space between them.

there is nothing more comforting, no matter how old or independent us daughters become, than knowing you have a mother who prays for you, worries for you, and loves you fiercely. best mom ever :)