Tuesday, October 27, 2009


so those who know me, know that i have a very BIG heart... VERY big...

i feel love for just about everyone and everything (especially furry things) around me...

however, i have come to the very hard conclusion that THAT love doesn't transfer itself to me...

i have realized that i push those who mean the most to me away, because i expect them to wake up and leave me someday anyways... that way, when they leave it was because i wanted them to (hence the pushing away)

cool defense mechanism right?


so very wrong

so as i embark on this new journey in my life... new marriage, new state, new job, new friends... i am also embarking on project "love karly"

i would say that the majority of my self-loathing comes from being overweight and spending too much money on things i don't need (like mcdonalds... it's too much money and it makes me fat... two birds with one stone!)

now, i am not telling you this because i need lots of compliments and pep-talks, i am telling you this because the people who actually read this are people that love me and are people i can divulge my innermost turmoils to without judgement. so, i don't need you to pat me on the back, but i would love comments that give me advice on how to start this project... how did you come to love yourself for you... because i need some help, and i can't afford a shrink!

hahaha! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


hey y'all. this week has been one full of lazy days in sweatpants, and i have LOVED every second of it! :) krista actually had to get very firm with me last night telling me to get out of my sweatpants and get to church! :) it was nice to get dressed... i even put on some heels!

anyways, today is my three month anniversary and i can't believe it! it seems like forever, but at the same time it feels like yesterday. we have little squabbles every few days (today was not immune either) but we generally get over things pretty quickly (at least i do), and we go on with our lives. we have had A LOT of time together this week, and it's been fun. i do look forward to getting back to work though and not feeling completely useless.

anyways, that's been my week. some tv, a new book, the gym just about every day, and lots of time with the hubby. love it :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

moving on...

well, it's been awhile and i just wanted to write a little update to let you know what's going on in my life.

i quit my job...

i realized that i had to do what was best for everyone. i absolutely did not want to be at work every day, which was detrimental to myself and the students. to be a teacher you need to be ON 100% of the time, and i was unable to do that. these students are especially needy, and i just didn't have enough of me to go around. i will certainly miss some of them, but overall i am very happy with my decision.

so what will i do now?

i got a job as a full time/bilingual teller for wachovia. there is lots of opportunity for advancement in the banking industry, and i am excited for the new challenge. i am definitely going to keep working on my certification for teaching out here, and hopefully i will be able to get a job next school year either in gilbert or chandler. we shall see. i am just taking one day at a time.