Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 18-Plans/dreams/goals you have

So of my 320 evaluations for my 320 students (yes i have to write one individually for each child) i have 60 left, and i must take a break before i throw my computer across the room. so here is my break... a new blog! :) kendra, one of my very best friends from BYU, said to get back on it when i saw her on Christmas, so here we go. baby is due in 15 days (weird) so i need to hurry and finish this or it will never happen!

so day 18... plans, dreams, and goals... wow have those changed over the years. when i was like 5 i wanted to be a cheerleader/nurse

...when i was 17 i wanted to go to BYU, get married my freshman year, pop out lots of babies, and live in utah forever

...when that didn't happen i didn't know what to do with my life, so i went on a mission, decided to major in Spanish, become a teacher, and travel

...i majored in Spanish, lived in Spain for two months, traveled to portugal and italy, and then became a teacher... finally something accomplished! :)

...i was in the process of finding new plans and dreams and deciding what to do with my life... continue to travel, go back to school, get a PHD and become a famous Spanish linguist

...another was to move back to the island and take over dad's boat business so i could be a beach bum

...write a book

...marry for money :)

...and life has a way of getting in the way of all your plans... i met JJ, got married pretty fast, got pregnant pretty fast my hopes and dreams changed again... i still have them, but those things are definitely on the back burner for now. my biggest dream now is to somehow make enough money to be a stay at home mom and raise a few kids... teach those kids how to be productive human beings... to have real conversations (instead of texting or facebooking all the time like most kids these days)... to be talented, musical, athletic, intelligent

... oh... and i totally still want to be a beach bum :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 17-Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

I have been letting this simmer for about three days now and I still can't think of anyone! I know that I would never want to switch with a "celebrity" sort just because I know I would be SO annoyed with the attention... though the money would be nice.

Ok, I think that did it for me... I know! While it would be very tempting to switch with someone really rich so I could know what it feels like to not ever have to worry about how my bills are going to get paid... such as during my unpaid maternity leave...

I think I would rather switch places with someone that lives in "el campo de México"... someone like her...

That way I could speak Spanish all day, I would see what it was like to live off the land still, I would eat AMAZING food, and I would see a simple yet fulfilled life. Sometimes I feel like I "need" so much more than I actually do. I think an experience like that would really put things in perspective for me and make me more grateful for the wonderful life that I do have.

So that's that :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 16-Another picture of yourself

well, since I have not been able to sleep since 4 am per a potty break, a wiggly fetus, and gas (yes i said it... welcome to pregnancy) i have left my husband to peaceful slumber in the bed and am camped out on the couch... why not blog! :)

another picture of myself... if only i felt comfortable taking one right now, you would die laughing. you know how when you have short hair and sleep on it wet it looks really interesting in the morning? well mine is all kinds of delicious right now.

anyways, i think i will settle for this one...

i chose this one mainly because i really miss my sisters. we have never been away from eachother for extended periods of time (minus krista's and my missions) and i've now been in Arizona for almost 18 months. sure i have visited utah to see them and been home once, but it is NOT the same.

i also chose this picture because it was Christmas of 2007. We weren't sure if we were going to be together on Christmas the next year, so we made sure to take family pics. We did end up together for Christmas 2008, but then i went and got married. we didn't have the money to fly back last year, so we weren't together, and now with laela coming two weeks after christmas, there is again no way to be with my family. i am excited that my parents are coming out, and my sisters are coming down for laela's arrival. we are going to celebrate christmas (including a christmas dinner) and a new baby... it's ok that it's a couple weeks late. i just hope that next christmas we will be able to get the whole family together... including grandparents and JJ's side... down at the fort (that's what we call the grand's place in florida)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 15-Put your ipod or shuffle on-first 10 songs that play

Must admit.... pretty darn excited about this post!


Here we go...

Song 1: WAY to start it off with a bang! Mariah Carey - "Someday" so, i might have used to pretend i could sing like her and hit those really high notes at the end of this song. but i could only do it if no one was looking at me so i would have to go into the hallway and belt it out since my parents would have my perform for people. um, i was a big nerd.

Song 2: "I Need Thee Every Hour" from the EFY We Believe album. love this song, love this album, love EFY, love God :)

Song 3: Britney Spears - "Can't Make You Love Me" from her "Oops" album. Ah, Britney at her best. I won't lie... I did go to her Circus tour, and it was pretty darn amazing... but mostly cause Pussycat Dolls opened for her, and they were awesome!

Song 4: Clay Aiken - "This is the Night" i will admit that i watched this season of Idol and totally was rooting for Mr. Clay. I mean, dude has some pipes! It's a great song too.

Song 5: it is "Track 10" and i have about 15 of them... i know it's India.Arie, and I love her, but I have no clue what the title is! :) it's a great slow jam though... :)

Song 6: Josh Groban "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" dude can sing, and puts out great albums. love it!

Song 7: Timbaland "2 Man Show" this is a song that features Elton John, and it's pretty awesome. i am convinced that everything Timbaland touches turns to gold.

Song 8: 3 Doors Down "When I'm Gone" i might be a hip hop girl at heart, but i do love a good rock song as well... especially because i really like 3 doors down

Song 9: "When all is said and done" the men's version from an EFY album. i am not sure which one it is, but i love all the tight harmonies in this song, and the words are pretty darn great

Song 10: Brandy "Long Distance" i kinda love that this song came up next. i heard this song when i was dating JJ long distance and became a bit obsessed with it. it just talks about how hard long distance relationships are and how you would so much rather be with that person but you are stuck where you are for awhile. very fitting, and it was one of those songs i could put on when i was feeling sad and missing him.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 14-A picture of you and your family

this is my family at the temple before JJ and i got married... yep, we took all our pictures before because we didn't get married until like 9 pm. :) from left to right we have my sisters (kaycie and krista), my mom's mom (affectionately known as grandma q), my parents, me and JJ, JJ's nana, brother (jeremy), and cousins (cheryl and arthur).

love my family and can't wait to live closer! :)